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“i just kill a bitch w/ success.”

SCORE! i interviewed 2 be an intern @ an indie record label named “Just Love Records.” i nailed the interview & my first day is on monday. yep, i’m moving on up. my stagnant days are pret-ty much over.


p.s. the title is another quote from KiD CuDi. it fits the moment because i just had an incident w/ some people about my lack of establishment. i’m setting up my ground plan 2 build. so get under the umbrella or get rained on.


i’m so in love.

i know it’s been a long time since i’ve blogged. i haven’t felt like it. & everytime i felt like it, i changed my mind. but this is something worth blogging about.

i was listening to my ipod & i listened 2 a list of great, i mean really great songs. here’s the list (i recommend everyone 2 have these songs on there iPods):

  1. Love Lockdown – Kanye West
  2. I’m In Love With You – Erykah Badu
  3. Sleep To Dream – Fiona Apple
  4. Streamline – System Of A Down
  5. Dig – Incubus
  6. Slide – Dido

everybody who knows me knows that i’m a music junkie. no one really knows 2 the extent on how much i really am in love w/ music. so let me explain: i love music. i love music more than anything else. & as i listened 2 all those songs, it sent me through a whirlwind of emotions. it was the greatest feeling 2 ever experience.  so i was looking up lyrics & i looked up the lyrics 2 “Dig” by Incubus. under the lyrics u can leave a comment so i was looking through the comments. i found this comment:

jeez. im not tryin to sounds like some emo to0l but ive had a pretty tough life. i hung with the wrong people and they where never there for me when i needed them. my father never showed interest in me, kickin me out at age 15. my mom didnt have money to take care of me. so i had to live with my brother. then he introduced me to incubus…. with all the depression i had to go thru its pretty easy 4 me 2 say that incubus saved my life. they show sooo much feeling,and appreaciation towards life. there amazing musicians and liyrisist. i meen i cant relate this song to friends and girlfriends cuz i really never had any true ones, but this song is so beutiful it makes me cry everytime i hear it. so wut i want to say is music can bring happyness 2 everyone no matter who u r or wut youve done in life. and incubus saved me and dug me up from wut is covering the better part of me. and srry 4 the spelling i never graduated high school..o well:)

maybe i’m just being emotional or something, but the comment really got to me. & i came 2 the conclusion the music is the best thing ever invented next 2 the ipod. it’s amazing how a melody & words can change someone’s life. it’s medicine. it’s like the most amazing thing ever. i wish i could express more, but i’m all choked up. so i’ll just leave it @ this.

i’m in love.

KiD CuDi.
June 14, 2008, 1:30 am
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my turn 2 blog about cleveland’s KiD CuDi from Fool’s Gold. two good things that really matter about him. he can rap & he’s attractive. i’ve copped every song that was possibly leaked out by KiD CuDi & i would like 2 say that i’m pleasantly satisfied & glad that we don’t have another wack rapper on our hands. actually 2 get technical i discovered him a while ago, but i tried 2 keep him a secret. lol. but i’m noticing that he’s getting a lot of hype so i was like “jfk, u need 2 blog about him, so u can say u blogged about him before he became commercial.” but in a way, i’m paying this guy a compliment because obviously i think he’s going 2 get super big.

anywho, he has his two singles “Day N’ Nite” & “Dat New New.” their nice. but not as nice as “CuDi Spazzin'” & “Lovestoned Freestyle.”

in “CuDi Spazzin'” he has this line which i love. “later on we eatin’ sushi mami, eating edamame.” idk why i love that line, but i do. he rips & rhyme & rhymes & rip on that song. it’s buzzworthy fo’ shizz. oh yeah & my second favorite line “steve erkel nigga lookin’ 4 a laura.”

but i think everyone should give him a listen.


p.s: Fool’s Gold, u guys are really getting some talent. keep it up!