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song of the day.
February 2, 2009, 4:57 pm
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usually i don’t do this, but as i was heading 2 work 2day, i was really feeling this song & i was thinking “man, this has 2 be 2day’s anthem.” & i’m not going 2 have a song of the day everyday because it’s hard 4 me 2 stay consistant, but i will try 2 post a song of the day as much as possible. but without any further blah blah, here’s my song of the day:

song: get by (remix)
artist: talib kweli
featuring: jay-z, mos def, kanye west & busta rhymes

side note: i love kanye’s verse.


cadillac records.

it came out on december 5 & saw it 2 days ago. i am an aspiring record label exec, & this movie has struck me something fierce. i loved every minute of it. i loved the cast & i still think it’s funny how Mos Def is Chuck Berry. i wonder how that went down. fellow Mos Def fans know what i’m talking about. go cop Mos Def’s first album & u will too. i love everyone’s individual story. my favorite was Leonard of course. he was out 4 the green & he took risk & he was so sure of himself & his success. Beyonce, one of the top five bad ass women, she did such a wonderful job, especially with the water works & cursing. i wished that Geneva would have cheated with Little Walter, but half of me is happy she didn’t. She was a good woman. All I have 2 say is, I wanna be just like Leonard, minus the dying part. it was a really good movie & very informing i advise everyone 2 go see it pronto.

mos def – e=MC2 (J Dilla Tribute)
July 10, 2008, 9:33 pm
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rock the bells trailer.

gosh, this line up is crazy. i’m going fo’ shizz.

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