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i haven’t really blogged on politics or how happy i am that obama won, but i was browsing the internet & i thought this would be the perfect time 2 blog about it because i ran into this remix of the JFK painting that hangs in the white house. it’s obama.

i’m happy as FUCK!

i mean, i’m really-really happy that we don’t have a douche like mccain & a puppet like palin in office. & i am also happy that obama happens 2 be half black so we do have our first black president. okay, fine. & yes this is an historical moment all in all, w/ the result being annouced not too long after the polls closed & how a black man won by a land slide & even how Robert Kennedy said in an article once that we were going 2 have our first black president in 40 years. that’s effin’ crazy.

what i’m not happy about is how i see all these black folks hopping up & down & thanking the lord as if obama’s already in office. like he’s already served his term & he made everything better already. i would like everyone 2 get back 2 reality & realize that bush still has two months 2 fck up. obama hasn’t really changed anything yet. not saying he’s not because i’m more than sure he will. hmm…what am i trying 2 say? i think i’m trying 2 say that i wish that black people would stop assuming. assuming that just because he’s our first black president w/ a good head on his shoulders that he’s going 2 be the best president of all times. just because he has a good head on his shoulders doesn’t mean it won’t get knocked off by crazy lobbyist or anything else of that sort.

this is going 2 be a big job 4 obama 2 be a black president & i don’t think it’s wise 4 people 2 put burdens like assumptions or expectations on him. i’m not saying don’t have any expectations, but bush had two terms of terror & don’t expect obama 2 fix every single thing in one term. it’s easier 2 destroy than 2 build.

that’s pretty much it right now until i figure out how 2 put my thoughts into words on what else i feel about obama winning.


i voted!
November 4, 2008, 2:02 pm
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ye-yaaaah! post more lates.

my plan.
October 15, 2008, 1:04 pm
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if this guy wins....

if this guys wins…

here’s where i’m going.