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January 4, 2008, 11:31 am
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i’d have 2 say that this was a really good album, but food & liquor was put together better. i really love this album, but i think i’d have 2 rearrange some of the tracks 2 like it better, which is cool by me. now the whole album is great, i said that, but these are my favorites.

jfk’s favorites in no order of importance:

  • hip hop saved my life
  • gold watch
  • the die
  • streets on fire
  • little weapon
  • fighters
  • gotta eat
  • put you on game
  • the coolest

i can’t really put them into an order because i love them all the same. so 2 conclude that, EVERYONE SHOULD GO BUY LUPE FIASCO’S THE COOL!

now about me, jfk has been wishy-washy. confused & feeling like blah, which explains why i haven’t been posting. i didn’t post 4 new years because i didn’t feel like recapping over the mediocre year i call `07. i didn’t feel like wishing people a happy new year & talking about new years resolutions because honestly i don’t have one & i’m content w/ that. but i will tell u what i did on new years day & new years eve, maybe i’ll post pictures later, who knows.

anywho, 4 new years i hung out w/ Sunnii, Lindsay & Deaf. i sat there watching Sunnii babysit her cousin Isaiah, yes it was boring. Lindsay came later & the fun took off a bit. Later, we went 2 this kick-it spot where this clique/aspiring gang called Top Notch Bird Gang hangs out, called “the nest”. i got 2 meet Lindsay’s boyfriend & besides that, it was pretty boring. stuck up girls & immature boys all in one room. being immature isn’t a bad thing & not everyone @ the nest were dicks. but it was boring. afterwards we attend this party @ Club Addiction were we later joined w/ Deaf. they had some technical difficulties & the party was on the verge of lame. towards the middle it got fun & i counted down 2 the new year w/ my friend’s & strangers. we left early though & went 2 Lucy’s 2 get something 2 eat.  the highlight of the day; we popped apple cider & i shook it up like it was champagne. it was about 2am when we went back 2 the nest, it was better than the first time i went, but we all went home & crashed @ 3am.


new years day was okay, i hung out w/ Sunnii & Lindsay. we sat around & watched movies.

 what i look forward 2 this year is:

  • make lots of money
  • meet cool people
  • get new stuff
  • finally get my license
  • get a car
  • get my damn guitar
  • school
  • & having lots & lots of fun!

censorship is weak as fuck.

yesterday, SUNNii, her cousin Lindsay & JFK stumble upon a nice party on fairfax.


SUNNii (glasses), Lindsay (cup of drank.) 

it was like a art gallery party going on with all the cool people from the fairfax area. they had people in the from all the nice boutiques along that street like Supreme, The Hundreds, Canvas, Alife  & etc. it was real cool. The art gallery was called “Censorship Is Weak As Fuck”.

we met a lot of new people there. mingled, blah & blah. johnny knoxville from jackass was there with a white sailor hat, it was hilarious. only reason i don’t have a picture of that guy is because i didn’t want to be all in his face with a camera. they served free dranks, skyy vodka & redbull & cranberry juice & blah. that was what Lindsay was drinking vodka & red bull. as for me, i just kept it clean & had cranberry juice & redbull, & i was on hype mode by the end of the night. dudes were really friendly. they tried to guess our age & i happened to be the youngest, i was 14 according to some dude. SUNNii was 23 and Lindsay was 16. i met this really cool dude who was eating all the food.

they provided vegetables & dip, cheese & booze.

we had a good time with those people & we left around 10:30. we was going to go 2 the after party across the street @ The Dime, but Lindsay had curfew. so we went on our merry way. we went to the Grove and watched everyone get kicked out, messed with a couple of people, saw a couple of people.

fcking with people at A&F.

this was at Abercrombie & Fitch, look at the washboard abs. 

everyone was in line to see I AM LEGEND. but mainly this is how our night ended.