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lil’ wayne bites.
March 13, 2008, 8:42 am
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about time someone pointed this out.

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clipse’s rebuttal 2 dwayne.
December 5, 2007, 6:07 pm
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clipse is only of my favorite rapping duo’s therefore, i always have 2 keep up 2 date on what’s going on in their life. now lil’ wayne has this whole article in the complex mag. about his dislikes about the clipse. this is how i feel about their beef.

CLIPSE > lil’ wayne

i’m sorry 2 burst all the lil’ wayne fans bubbles, but malice & pusha t is better than lil’ wayne. i say this because all lil’ wayne does now a days is throw out similes all the time, all the time, the shit gets old. he has no particular topic, it’s just puns and similes all the time. i’m glad he mastered that, but it’s time 2 move on. not saying lil’ wayne isn’t a good rapper, he’s cool, but i prefer the clipse. my personal opinion.  anywho, if you want 2 watch pusha t’s rebuttal on the lil’ wayne article in complex, click below:

Pusha T on XXL

but anywho, beef’s are dumb anyway. but anyone who knows me knows that i will instigate because i have the power to.

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