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December 30, 2008, 1:22 am
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December 24, 2008, 11:21 pm
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obama x jfk.


i haven’t really blogged on politics or how happy i am that obama won, but i was browsing the internet & i thought this would be the perfect time 2 blog about it because i ran into this remix of the JFK painting that hangs in the white house. it’s obama.

i’m happy as FUCK!

i mean, i’m really-really happy that we don’t have a douche like mccain & a puppet like palin in office. & i am also happy that obama happens 2 be half black so we do have our first black president. okay, fine. & yes this is an historical moment all in all, w/ the result being annouced not too long after the polls closed & how a black man won by a land slide & even how Robert Kennedy said in an article once that we were going 2 have our first black president in 40 years. that’s effin’ crazy.

what i’m not happy about is how i see all these black folks hopping up & down & thanking the lord as if obama’s already in office. like he’s already served his term & he made everything better already. i would like everyone 2 get back 2 reality & realize that bush still has two months 2 fck up. obama hasn’t really changed anything yet. not saying he’s not because i’m more than sure he will. hmm…what am i trying 2 say? i think i’m trying 2 say that i wish that black people would stop assuming. assuming that just because he’s our first black president w/ a good head on his shoulders that he’s going 2 be the best president of all times. just because he has a good head on his shoulders doesn’t mean it won’t get knocked off by crazy lobbyist or anything else of that sort.

this is going 2 be a big job 4 obama 2 be a black president & i don’t think it’s wise 4 people 2 put burdens like assumptions or expectations on him. i’m not saying don’t have any expectations, but bush had two terms of terror & don’t expect obama 2 fix every single thing in one term. it’s easier 2 destroy than 2 build.

that’s pretty much it right now until i figure out how 2 put my thoughts into words on what else i feel about obama winning.

censorship is weak as fuck.

yesterday, SUNNii, her cousin Lindsay & JFK stumble upon a nice party on fairfax.


SUNNii (glasses), Lindsay (cup of drank.) 

it was like a art gallery party going on with all the cool people from the fairfax area. they had people in the from all the nice boutiques along that street like Supreme, The Hundreds, Canvas, Alife  & etc. it was real cool. The art gallery was called “Censorship Is Weak As Fuck”.

we met a lot of new people there. mingled, blah & blah. johnny knoxville from jackass was there with a white sailor hat, it was hilarious. only reason i don’t have a picture of that guy is because i didn’t want to be all in his face with a camera. they served free dranks, skyy vodka & redbull & cranberry juice & blah. that was what Lindsay was drinking vodka & red bull. as for me, i just kept it clean & had cranberry juice & redbull, & i was on hype mode by the end of the night. dudes were really friendly. they tried to guess our age & i happened to be the youngest, i was 14 according to some dude. SUNNii was 23 and Lindsay was 16. i met this really cool dude who was eating all the food.

they provided vegetables & dip, cheese & booze.

we had a good time with those people & we left around 10:30. we was going to go 2 the after party across the street @ The Dime, but Lindsay had curfew. so we went on our merry way. we went to the Grove and watched everyone get kicked out, messed with a couple of people, saw a couple of people.

fcking with people at A&F.

this was at Abercrombie & Fitch, look at the washboard abs. 

everyone was in line to see I AM LEGEND. but mainly this is how our night ended.

weekend fever.

so kids, i got my camera, it `tis a “Casio Exilm”. brillant camera.  it’s white& not the silver camera from below. therefore i named it “Bob Saget”.


i bought my camera on friday. w/ it i took a grip of pictures of crazy shit. once i get my gallery 2gether, u can check out whole day but for now, i’m going 2 post some pictures of the day in a nutshell.


JFK & e.BEEZy.

JFK & generous payday advance guy.

e.BEEZy & grandparents.

random kids.

tee-tee, minda & e.BEEZy.


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hello new world.
October 28, 2007, 6:58 am
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alright here’s the deal, it’s too many people on blogger, plus blogger fcks up w/ my password info & all. it’s annoying, everywhere i look someone new has a blogspot. therefore, this is something exclusive for me & u. exclusive for me because i’m the only person i know if using WORDPRESS & exclusive for you because u get 2 experience my new & improved blog.

yeah, it’s gonna consist of current events that affect my life, shit i like, shit i’m in & even shit i can’t stand. but as for now, this shit is under CONSTRUCTION. but i’ll still be posting as i turn this place into my own. 

but so far here’s what u can expect 2 hear from me, stuff about life, music, art i like, Peanut-Butter Atari Force & the clothing line that is coming VERY soon. URBNLiiFE Entertainment which will launch in January. uh, me & friends & that’s pretty much it. who know’s i might tell it all on here.

i love u,