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new years.

we set off the new year @ sunnii’s crib. we planned 2 have a kickback & the went off smoothly. we had a couple of flakes, but we just dusted them off because we had everything we need 2 set off a kickback. cool people, food, music, drinks & a karoake machine.















all in all, i started the new years off right. w/ a new internship/job @ record label who loves me, w/ family & friends who care & plus i gained a new friends who are cool as hell.

i’m so happy right now that i have a new years resolution. here they are:

  1. be prosperous
  2. get paid & laid
  3. be healthier
  4. enjoy life

so i’d like 2 wish everyone a happy new year & i hope u’ll gain everything u want out of this year. & here’s a special FCK YOU 2 all the haters & bitches. lol.



second day on the job.
December 23, 2008, 8:40 pm
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everything’s pretty much easy breezy. nothing hectic, yet. it’s super cool. my boss is cool & laid back as hell. i can get used 2 this, well, w/ pay.




“i just kill a bitch w/ success.”

SCORE! i interviewed 2 be an intern @ an indie record label named “Just Love Records.” i nailed the interview & my first day is on monday. yep, i’m moving on up. my stagnant days are pret-ty much over.


p.s. the title is another quote from KiD CuDi. it fits the moment because i just had an incident w/ some people about my lack of establishment. i’m setting up my ground plan 2 build. so get under the umbrella or get rained on.

a letter to a five year old girl named Clair Voyance.
November 21, 2008, 12:10 am
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dear clair

u make my gut loses it’s tact

i wish u would trust my logic

& cease the uneasy tension in my back

& the feeling of lethargy

u exhaust me

u emotive Clair

my decisions preserves us

u are ungrateful & boisterous

i wish i could go numb

i hate the shit out of u

because ur so naive

i like the way ur heart makes u think u can achieve

sometimes u make me proud

i find it hard 2 trust u

ur opinions are sometimes off bound

ur growth, i want 2 rush u

& five year old Clair

i know ur only trying to help

u want to fill the void w/ fun

happiness takes stealth

& i rather feel the void w/ none

& i wish u would trust my logic

& cease my destructive thoughts

because my logic’s always right

& what u left will have me lost

& thoughtless at ur cost