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halloween/jabbaar’s birthday.
November 2, 2008, 12:35 am
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yeah, halloween was like super boss 4 me this year. so let me unroll the day out 4 u guys. i met up w/ sunnii & her cousin dani:

sunnii & i were character’s from the spike lee joint School Daze. i was a “wannabe”, sunnii was a “jigaboo.”

dani was a fly girl from “In Living Color.”

we trick or treated. i had 2 collect some candy 4 my brother as a b-day present since poverty has a hold of me. i can’t afford 2 give him a present. sunnii handed out candy @ her house.

then we headed 2 the parade in west hollywood.

anywho, we ended the night @ norms in santa monica. it was a good night.


November 2, 2007, 6:04 am
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JFK’s halloween, was actually wack. the best part about it was that i got 2 see my niece & nephew w/ their classik costumes. i chilled @ my sister’s house, didn’t get 2 treat those tricks. rode up & down crenshaw like some real black folks.  sat in the car until the wee hours & finally went in the house & slept.

the best part was eating @ benito’s w/ e.BEEZy.

 i wish i had my camera so i could take pics, but i don’t.

 i love u,