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yummy down on this.


graffiti bars 4 sell, u want buy?


May 31, 2008, 1:25 am
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one of my fav’s.

peel here.
December 2, 2007, 7:44 am
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on this beatiful day, see below.

Rude, Rause & i went 2 the peel here show in downtown. it’s like a party for all the graff artist & taggers of los angeles, so we can all get 2gether & mingle or what not. graff artist show there stuff & try 2 get out there & blah. this event is sponsor by Obey & some other graff labels.

Rause (crazy hat), Rude (pointy finger)

overall, the shit was wack. it started @ 6pm & the first 100 people 2 attend received a free gift bag full of sticker & other stuff made by big names like SMEAR. it ended @ 11pm, sodas, beer & food was provided, if you had money. so anywho it was wack, see picture below.

all it was was a bunch of snooty artists in one room, all trying 2 seem cooler than one another. it was just too much tension in that place. Rause & Rude told me last year was better, but blah, this one sucked ass. i didn’t feel welcomed @ all, plus i had 2 pay five dollars 2 get in. here’s a picture of this cool lady.


but the art was sick. i loved it all. the silver lining 2 this event that all the graff artist in los angeles came here 2 let themselves 2 be known. i could see the high hopes in their eyes ass they wrote their names wherever they could.

they had tons of art outside:

 & then they had art in the inside of this building & when i walked in it smelled like they had a bucket of weed some where & they lit it on fire & tried 2 put it out w/ beer. but the art blew my mind, very inspiring. i felt like buying some kind of canvas & going crazy on it afterwards.

for people who wanted 2 get up, they provided walls 4 them 2 slaps some stickers or write.

my favorite one.

they even had an ice cream truck in there & instruments set up 4 a live band. but anywho, it would’ve been cool if everyone wasn’t so stuck up. so me & my friends left @ 7pm. we ended up going around town catching spots, then we ended they night w/ KFC where i got 2 biscuits, Rause bought it for me cuz he’s cool.

i actually didn’t catch that, Rause did.

after KFC we clowned around & went our seperate ways. but if we didn’t go 2 the peel here show, it wouldn’t have made a difference. all i got out of this day is that i love art & Rude & Rause are some cool ass niggas.