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lupe & i.
January 4, 2008, 11:31 am
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i’d have 2 say that this was a really good album, but food & liquor was put together better. i really love this album, but i think i’d have 2 rearrange some of the tracks 2 like it better, which is cool by me. now the whole album is great, i said that, but these are my favorites.

jfk’s favorites in no order of importance:

  • hip hop saved my life
  • gold watch
  • the die
  • streets on fire
  • little weapon
  • fighters
  • gotta eat
  • put you on game
  • the coolest

i can’t really put them into an order because i love them all the same. so 2 conclude that, EVERYONE SHOULD GO BUY LUPE FIASCO’S THE COOL!

now about me, jfk has been wishy-washy. confused & feeling like blah, which explains why i haven’t been posting. i didn’t post 4 new years because i didn’t feel like recapping over the mediocre year i call `07. i didn’t feel like wishing people a happy new year & talking about new years resolutions because honestly i don’t have one & i’m content w/ that. but i will tell u what i did on new years day & new years eve, maybe i’ll post pictures later, who knows.

anywho, 4 new years i hung out w/ Sunnii, Lindsay & Deaf. i sat there watching Sunnii babysit her cousin Isaiah, yes it was boring. Lindsay came later & the fun took off a bit. Later, we went 2 this kick-it spot where this clique/aspiring gang called Top Notch Bird Gang hangs out, called “the nest”. i got 2 meet Lindsay’s boyfriend & besides that, it was pretty boring. stuck up girls & immature boys all in one room. being immature isn’t a bad thing & not everyone @ the nest were dicks. but it was boring. afterwards we attend this party @ Club Addiction were we later joined w/ Deaf. they had some technical difficulties & the party was on the verge of lame. towards the middle it got fun & i counted down 2 the new year w/ my friend’s & strangers. we left early though & went 2 Lucy’s 2 get something 2 eat.  the highlight of the day; we popped apple cider & i shook it up like it was champagne. it was about 2am when we went back 2 the nest, it was better than the first time i went, but we all went home & crashed @ 3am.


new years day was okay, i hung out w/ Sunnii & Lindsay. we sat around & watched movies.

 what i look forward 2 this year is:

  • make lots of money
  • meet cool people
  • get new stuff
  • finally get my license
  • get a car
  • get my damn guitar
  • school
  • & having lots & lots of fun!

life in surreal los angeles.
November 18, 2007, 4:36 am
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2day, i kicked it w/ shakiba aka DEAF. that’s the girl below.  we chilled on melrose most of the day. 

on melrose, my friend, who is seventeen years of age, was approached by a lot of males. a whoooole lot & most of them that has ties 2 he some kind of entertainment industry. we even encountered “The Game”. don’t too much care for that guy cuz he’s seems like he’s on the arrogant side. not like a cool arrogant side like JFK. it’s crazy what a young, fully developed female can do 2 males. i’m not going 2 put everything out there, but it even has celebs like “The Game” going crazy.  anywho otherwise, getting all the free stuff complementary of DEAF’s looks was cool w/ me.

we met up w/ an old acquiantance Alex. the guy sitting on the cow in the picture below.

we all went 2 that store on 3rd called “Kingsbury”. i never really wanted 2 go there cuz u know, i’m allergic 2 hype.


cool ass store, i gots lots of respect 4 this guy who works here. i ask him, “when certain customers come in, do you want 2 refuse ur services because you think they’re posers?” cool ass dude responds, “if they got money, of course not. but yeah, sometimes i do.”

but over all the lesson of 2day is, everything changes when u got some sort of pleasure in ur face. i was happy all day cuz i got free stuff, what a pleasure. & dudes where happy all day because they got 2 see DEAF, pleasure for them. cool ass dude @ Kingsbury holds his tongue infront of posers because they got money, pleasure for him.

i love u,