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my memorial day.
May 29, 2008, 11:24 am
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well, it all started when i woke up that morning & the sun was shining which amazed me because the day before, it was gloomy & ugly. then my brother & i gathered the rest of the gang, the gang consists of me, jabbaar (brother), keem (brother) & shakiba (brother’s gf). we headed down 2 the park & we met up w/ the rest of my family. i, later, met up w/ Sunnii. i met my niece zaria’s teacher Ms. Braswell. i met a couple other people. we ate, we conversed, we playing & mingled. beautiful, beautiful.

softball came around & my side of the family lost (again) 2 my sister’s side of the family. here’s the teams:

Team Bandele
Jay (brother in law)
Aasiya (sister)
Zaria (niece)
Aaron (nephew)
Antoine (nephew)
Some extra boy & girl

Team Brisker
Jessica’s mom

we almost won, but idk what happened. if u want 2 know go 2 Antoine’s blog. after that we ate, conversed, laughed, joked & all the other good stuff u do @ family functions. then it was time 4 Sunnii, my sister Meerah & me 2 to go so we could go crash two other barbeques. that didn’t go as planned @ all. in fact we got into a fatal car accident on Crenshaw & Florence. this accident has been like the top new story on every channel 4 a couple of days. here are some links:,0,167756.story

i happen 2 be in the sixth car that was nearly untouched. different news channels report different things. this is what i know since i was there. six people died, 4 of them were children. & this is that story from my point of view.

i was sitting in the front passenger’s seat of the car listening 2 my ipod w/ my brand new earphones i got just that day. my sister, who was driving, pulled into the turning lane on crenshaw so she could make a left down florence. we were behind a van & no one else was behind us. the light turned green 4 us & the van pulled out 2 turn when all of a sudden a black SUV (Yukon, maybe) was trying 2 catch the light & sped through the intersection. & crashed right into van causing the van 2 hit about 4 other cars & two other cars eventually hit us, well bumped us. we weren’t hit that hard, which is why i didn’t think that this accident wasn’t going 2 be so bad. i was ready 2 get out the car & give someone a piece of my mind. that didn’t play out because the van that was next 2 us ended up in next 2 the stop light post & it burst into a huge flame.

in panic, meerah, sunnii, erica (meerah’s friend & i, all hopped out the car while the gear was still in drive causing the car 2 roll off from the big explosion.  the car rolls on the corner & hits a gate. unfortunately i run right into an oil slick which causes me 2 fall, but i hop right back up & run away from the fire.

meerah’s in hysterics, crying & trembling. SUNNii’s crying calling her mom & erica has her back turned 2 the fire. screaming & crying everywhere. i turn back 2 the scene & the van is burning & on the ground is a little girl & people are crying 4 her 2 get up. people are getting pulled out the van. everyone’s watching it like it’s tv. & after a while everything became a horrific blur.

the firemen came & put out the fire. the ambulances came & took about twenty people 2 the hospital. the accident happend @ five & the police came & questioned us until nine. my crew & i were the only people left @ the scene accept 4 three other witnesses.

yes, i’m thankful 2 be alive & it’s still crazy 2 me that my sister’s car rolled away safely. & i send my condolensces 2 all the families who were there who suffered.

& that was my memorial day.


November 2, 2007, 6:04 am
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JFK’s halloween, was actually wack. the best part about it was that i got 2 see my niece & nephew w/ their classik costumes. i chilled @ my sister’s house, didn’t get 2 treat those tricks. rode up & down crenshaw like some real black folks.  sat in the car until the wee hours & finally went in the house & slept.

the best part was eating @ benito’s w/ e.BEEZy.

 i wish i had my camera so i could take pics, but i don’t.

 i love u,