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american gangster album review.
November 12, 2007, 12:33 am
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i like this album waaay better than Kingdom Come. this is one of those smoke a blunt in the back seat of ur luxurious cars while ur chaffeur is taking you home, kind of albums. it’s mellow throughout the whole cd & the song w/ the most bounce is “I Know” featuring Pharrell.

to me, it seemed like he put more thought into this album than kingdom come w/ songs like “Ignorant Shit” featuring Beanie Sigel.

but my favorite song is “Party Life”. Lyrics are real simple & it’s not one of real deep songs where u have 2 think. not like it’s anything wrong w/ thinking, but yada. i’m not going 2 give all the details about the album, just real brief.

this album is worth the buy.


weekend fever.

so kids, i got my camera, it `tis a “Casio Exilm”. brillant camera.  it’s white& not the silver camera from below. therefore i named it “Bob Saget”.


i bought my camera on friday. w/ it i took a grip of pictures of crazy shit. once i get my gallery 2gether, u can check out whole day but for now, i’m going 2 post some pictures of the day in a nutshell.


JFK & e.BEEZy.

JFK & generous payday advance guy.

e.BEEZy & grandparents.

random kids.

tee-tee, minda & e.BEEZy.


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