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he’s getting skinny.
April 20, 2008, 1:46 am
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this is not hard 2 notice, it’s pretty crazy actually.

(before, of course. actually he looks pretty ghey in this picture.)

hmm..i wonder why?



GZA & Soulja Boy.
January 31, 2008, 8:57 am
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well @ first i thought GZA was really dissing Soulja Boy & 50 cent, but instead i come 2 find out that, apparently GZA has beef with 50 cent & said some words about Soulja Boy or Soulja Boy Tell `Em as some people call him. you know, the “crank dat” kid. anywho, so he basically calls Soulja Boy a “ringtone artist” & says that 50 cent has no talent, two good things that aren’t good for hip-hop. “fuck 50 cent” according to the GZA.

let’s get something straight. this for all the people who diss soulja boy. not like i’m a fan of him or anything, but who really cares about Soulja Boy enough 2 diss him. he’s seventeen years old, he makes music for the kids is age & for people to dance. he’s young, do you really expect for him to dish out complex lyrics and make a song about something besides, girls, dancing, cars and whatever young black kids talk about. you can’t compare Soulja Boy to Nas because they’re in two different catagories, so for anyone out there that expects more from him, ur a douche. if anything we should be proud that he’s seventeen and has the top ringtone or whatever & he’s actually made it somewhere. if you want to listen to something deep or something, go buy a Lupe Fiasco album.

GZA then goes on to say in another interview that “he would never go at him like that, it was just people in the crowd that were saying how they felt. i just asked them what they were saying because i didn’t hear them @ the time.” he goes on to admit that he did talk trash about 50 cent, which i don’t care about because i don’t care about 50 cent. he lost me as a fan when the massacre came out. the interview link is below.