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one of the best music video’s of ’08.
January 1, 2009, 2:14 pm
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i love this song because when i blow up, this is basically how i feel. & plus i like how the lead singer can play two completely opposite people.

it’s ’09 bitches, & if u gave me a hard time in ’08 & when u see my face now, i hope it gives u hell. ha ha!


“fck ’08, niggah’s thinking ’09.”
November 17, 2008, 3:56 pm
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sorry 2 all the black people i’ve offended by using the word “niggah” in this post, but i was just quoting a line from one of my fav. rappers @ the moment, kid cudi. manly my sister if she comes on here wanting 2 know about my life. it’s just the perfect line 2 describe the post.

anywho, i hardly ever post about how i’m really feeling in my life. but i need 2 let some stuff out, it’s therapeutic. let’s just say that i’m done w/ this year. it was cool all in all. it’s had it’s ups & downs, but as of 2day, i’m pretty exhausted from the shenanigans that’s been going on in my life. um, every year i hit this jaded period & yes i’m jaded. w/ everything. society, the economy, the working world, politics, people’s thoughts, immaturity, wasting time, game playing.

so i’m letting everyone know who tunes in my blog that knows me that as soon as New Years hit, anything that’s a time waster, i’m cutting it loose. that includes everything from people 2 catching the bus. being stagnant, it’s not a good look 4 me anymore so i’m giving it up.

it’s only November, eat me, i’m done w/ this year.

getting my shit lined up, so get w/ it or get lost.