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these are six females that i adore & i’d go straight homo 4. (no homo) this list is in order of importance.










it’s what u make it.
April 17, 2009, 11:15 pm
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i was watching a number of “Sex In The City” episodes (i’m a late blooming fan. it was the movie that got me hooked.) & i’ve come 2 realize that i don’t have too many good, reliable friends. i don’t have too many on-call friend as to where i can throw a shimdig & have a large amount of friends come who don’t mind being around eachother. maybe it’s the media getting 2 me, but i’m ticked.

then i also came to realize that people my age, well, the people i know, suck. i could try to throw a nice party, but if they think it’s going 2 be boring (which it wouldn’t), they won’t show . & that’s what makes a party boring, no shows. the people i associate myself w/ don’t understand that pretty much, life is what u make it.  if somebody invites a person 2 a party, the only way the parties going 2 be fun is if he or she contributes to the funness of the party. so if u go there sitting on ur ass, expecting somebody to take care of u, it ain’t gonna happen. people are always looking 4 the life of the party 2 make the party live. you be the life of the party.  imagine if every person @ a party would take responsibility for the liveliness of that party, that shit would be effin’ bomb. greatest parties of all parties.

i vexed about the fact that people will dismiss shit that they have complete control over or complain about something they have control over. it doesn’t make since to pass up on something that u have control over. i was reading this blog & i ran across this great quote, i forgot who it’s by but it went something like this:

 “livin’ is so magnificient. stop dreamin’ it.”

people are so caught up in dreams of how life should go & how it should be lived & saving shit 4 later that they’re  not really living life & then it passes them up. then comes the depression. people are the worse.  i’m just going 2 leave this post off w/ this:

 “life is what u make it.”

lie 2 urself, but not 2 me.
April 16, 2009, 6:10 pm
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i’m sick of liars lying unnecessary lies.

lying to me so u can convince themselves that the lie is true.

the lie doesn’t hurt me, it’ just annoys me.

& lying 2 urself never works.

so quit frontin’ & cut the bullshit.

the truth shall set u & me free.

writing from inglewood.
April 16, 2009, 3:20 am
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people function on self interest.

i’ve never met a selfless person.

never is a strong word.

people are indeed the worse.

but the best is the worse.

haven’t blogged in a while.
April 6, 2009, 5:53 pm
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i don’t have a permenant computer. but i do have much to say. i’ll start w/ what’s currently going on right now.

this is the monday after the weekend when i’ve seen intoxication @ it’s worse. i’m not going 2 say any names or put any specifics out there, but this intoxicated person multi-tasked by showing me out to a good time & ruining a various amount of relationships. really i was getting kicks out of watching the person yell out drunken statements & yelling @ her friends, pissing them off. which brings me to why i don’t drink & why i don’t plan to.

also, i’ve confirmed that i love my cheetah sister, Sunnii, dearly. she’s all i have when it comes to reliable & loyal friends. she understands me enough. we’re oh so bomb. i effin’ love her.


 & i want everyone to know that no matter how cool you think you are, YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL! u will be lied to, u will be talked about, u will be laughed @….nigga, u can get it too. u are not exempt from social actions, no matter how bomb u think u are. never in my life did i think that someone would try 2 play me. ever. i’m just too bomb of a person to be toyed w/. welp, look @ me now. i’m on the brink of frustration & seeking vile revenge.


& last but not least, i have this really cool friend, his name is Brandon. (the guy in the picture) he’s a really cool guy & effin’ adorable. i’m on the hunt 2 find him a cool girl, so he won’t have 2 deal w/ these conniving hoes in the streets. his only fault is that he’s extremely honest.  if ur single & ur bomb, hit me up about him. lol.

lol, oh i love life.

yesterday was my birthday.
March 27, 2009, 3:47 pm
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yesterday was my birthday. it was fun. i didn’t do anything special. i didn’t receive any presents.  i just enjoyed my life w/ my friends.

the picture has nothing 2 do w/ my birthday. i just saw this on a bench & did a couple of things & took the picture.

bomb couple.
March 9, 2009, 10:37 pm
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