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About JFK.

i am the girl who burps in public & doesn’t say excuse me. i am the girl who will say a racial slur in public just because i can. the one with ear phones in my ears @ all time she’s a music junkie. i’m the girl who will start a random conversation with people i don’t know. the one who stares @ u when ur minding ur own business. creepy, i know. the one who takes pictures of clouds so she can try 2 capture the beauty. the one who enjoys the essence of grafitti.  i won’t tell you what you want 2 hear, unless ur really emo’ & u need a self-esteem boost. the girl who will always understands. i am unselfishly selfish, if that makes sense. i prefer sneakers over high heels, swagger over looks & penis over vagina. i am the girl who breaks awkward silences & laughs at her own jokes in a quiet room. i think i’m the shit, but i think i’m shit. i am the girl who will cry if she loses her ipod. i rock dirty shoes & love it. i prefer malcolm x over martin luther king. i love jews & tattoo sleeves. i type a lot of words per minute. i’m the girl who likes 2 mind her own business. i think that all clothes are cool depends on how u wear it, accept for filas. i believe you shouldn’t knock it before you try it. i am the girl who makes up her own beliefs & break laws because i wasn’t alive when those laws were made. carpe diem & carpe ominious is what i try 2 live by. spiritual, never religious. some sort of conspriracy theorist. i’m the person who think aids was invented 2 kill certain people. i’m the type 2 see a business & instead of working for them, i make my own. i don’t judge people by race, but by the genres of music they listen 2. i’m the girl who walks into ur house & call ur mom, “mom”. then go 2 the fridge & eat. i’m the person who goes 2 the movies by herself & the person that doesn’t ask people 4 help when its needed.

i’m a poser all in all. just like everyone else who’s been inspired.

you can find me on myspace. my page isn’t blocked like a dick.

or facebook:

or aim me: jfk says

that’s really my screen name, “jfk says”.

influences are soon 2 come. 


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[…] About JFK. […]

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You sound like the girl my mama warned me about :o)

Good looking out for link, added you on b-roll.

Comment by BM

[…] About JFK. […]

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Wow, what a mouth full of words that could be put into a poem or lyrics that could actually make a difference in this world.

You have talent. Use it for good. Get out of the sewer you seem to live in (actual or perceived).

Before you dismiss me know that I worked in the ‘hood southeast San Diego with an education organization that helps parents help their kids.

Check out my blog I see promise in your writing.

If you don’t contact me please find a guidance counselor or mentor who will help you achieve what you decide to do in life. You’re young and this is the time to decide what you want to be, and do.

Comment by pawsinsd

yes! U R young…U just need a guidance from a kind person to help U achieve meanningful goal in your life.Be your best n do your best!Keep it UP!

Comment by orchidflower

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