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doll face.
January 31, 2009, 1:33 am
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January 29, 2009, 5:27 pm
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i almost 4got how wack brothers can be sometimes.
January 29, 2009, 3:25 am
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just like all family u love them 2 death, but after living with them for a certain amount of years, they’re going 2 do shit 2 piss u off from time 2 time. my brother probably wouldn’t have made me as mad if i wasn’t so bored right now. & all i can do is think obsessive thoughts & wonder what everyone else is doing.

i think that i’m just ready 2 be more independent, as to where i can have my own space. so when i come home i can clear my mind & deal with my things. & nothing will be occupied because they’re my things.

ugh!! i want more!!

lakers > wizards.

my first Laker game courtesy of Justin Lanning. much love 2 that guy, he gave me VIP seating. sweet.  he rocks. it was fun eventhough i was starving & broke. but the whole thing was so last minute. i went w/ a co-worker & her boyfriend & i had an extra ticket. i had called my brother, but he couldn’t go. so i called Sunnii, but she was entertaining company. i called one more person, but he didn’t pick up. so i ended up wasting a ticket. anywho, Kobe had me amped. basketball is waaaay better live. well everything’s better live.





his big head was in my way.




here’s a game, find charles hamilton.

anywho, it was fun, next time i have 2 bring my kai guy. he’s the ultimate laker fan.

random photoshoot on JL’s laptop.
January 23, 2009, 2:38 pm
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for those who don’t know, i work 4 Justin Lanning. man, it’s great. anywho, he stepped out & left me w/ his mac book so i took a couple of pictures on his photobooth app. lol.





so i guess i’m a photographer.

yesterday, i had my very first photoshoot. i was shooting 4 Justin Lanning & the ACP, an act from my label. i was so excited & it was so spur of the moment. Justin’s like “hey, u do photography.” i told him i dabbled. next thing u know i’m downtown with a fish eyed lens on my camera shooting away. i can’t give official pictures, but i will post a couple of pictures that i took when i was fooling around.


i had so much fun. then afterwards, the band jammed & i enjoyed it thoroughly.






random thought.
January 22, 2009, 3:04 am
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i feel something like martha stewart felt when she was doing insider’s trading.

yes, this is a metaphor.

i had my money in one account & then i got some inside scoop that influenced me 2  move my money.

is it really unfair that i got the inside scoop that caused me 2 wise up & change?

or is society just mad that they don’t have inside scoop too?

well, maybe they should make it so it is impossible 4 info as valuable as this to be leaked out.

is it our fault that people don’t have their info tight knit?


so if we get the scoop & change our moves,

don’t get mad.

suck it up & play the game better.