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christmas is over!
December 26, 2007, 5:05 am
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christmas is over & i’m happy. NEW YEARS IS COMING! the whole christmas week i’ve been with SUNNii & her folks. i was adopted. anywho, it was a dumb week. they shopped, i met new people, i ate food & blah. we went downtown, see pictures below.

we got up @ 5:30 in the morning on this day.

went w/ these people.

got a hoodie from him. it’s too big.

this is just a cool picture i took while crossing the street.

types of uncool things they sold.

this lady hugged me for no reason.

my feet & hands were numb as shit.

so i helped set up CHRISTmass w/ SUNNii’s family.

on christmas i chilled w/ SUNNii’s family & friends.

chris on the PSP, we played skate 2gether. i whooped his anus.

dj of the night, cool fella.

& this is how my night ended.

i’m SOOOO happy CHRISTmass is over! i can’t wait until new years.


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