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emonomina is taking over in 2025 – lol.
October 28, 2007, 8:20 pm
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nuisance uno.
October 28, 2007, 7:38 pm
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whack ass eighties. 

it sucks when things hits the mainstream world. what am i talking about exactly, “sneaker culture.” and for those who are still clueless on wtf i’m talking about, i’m talking about all u “shoe heads, sneaker fiends, nike junkies”. it was cool @ first because it was rare 2 find a person who truly collects shoes and appreciates them. now, everybody & their moms are “shoe heads.” & now it’s not even about the essence of sneaker collecting, it’s about who has the most expensive shoes. annoying. it’s starting 2 feel like everyone is posing. but i can’t blame the posers, they’re just trying 2 find themselves.

also, all this “Eighties” throwback shit is getting old. the gold ropes, the word “fresh”, i never want 2 here anything about thing about the “Eighties” again. i’m proud that everyone in my generation is trying 2 seem different, but honestly, they’re all the same. it’s sick. sheesh.

 i love u,


my mom’s dream car.
October 28, 2007, 6:59 pm
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ever since transformers, it has revived her interest in camaro’s. hopefully, i’ll get the camry she has instead of her giving it 2 my brother.

hello new world.
October 28, 2007, 6:58 am
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alright here’s the deal, it’s too many people on blogger, plus blogger fcks up w/ my password info & all. it’s annoying, everywhere i look someone new has a blogspot. therefore, this is something exclusive for me & u. exclusive for me because i’m the only person i know if using WORDPRESS & exclusive for you because u get 2 experience my new & improved blog.

yeah, it’s gonna consist of current events that affect my life, shit i like, shit i’m in & even shit i can’t stand. but as for now, this shit is under CONSTRUCTION. but i’ll still be posting as i turn this place into my own. 

but so far here’s what u can expect 2 hear from me, stuff about life, music, art i like, Peanut-Butter Atari Force & the clothing line that is coming VERY soon. URBNLiiFE Entertainment which will launch in January. uh, me & friends & that’s pretty much it. who know’s i might tell it all on here.

i love u,